Performing Arts

Georges River Grammar offers a wide range of musical opportunities in performance and academic pursuits. We have a strong program which allows students to advance their musical skills both inside and outside of the classroom.

Music is flourishing at Georges River Grammar. Our focus is to motivate students to explore and create in a music rich environment.

Inside the classroom the secondary students are encouraged to explore performance, composition and musicology in an environment where they are able to work together constructively and creatively to achieve expertise in their specialty areas. Primary students undertake tasks that revolve around listening, moving and creating to produce a variety of outcomes.

Outside of the classroom our students are able to participate in a variety of ensembles and performances both inside the school and in the wider community. We endeavor to tap into multiple skill sets as a child learning music involves more than their voice or fingers.

Our students demonstrate the essence of our music program which is to enjoy their music and to gain self-confidence through their participation.


Students engage in visible thinking routines every week, as well as exploring the human condition through the ‘Four Cs’ that are innate in Drama - Critical Reflection, Collaboration, Creativity and Communication. GRG students go further and add another two Cs: Challenge and Courage.

It is very difficult to stand in front of others and perform hence there is a ‘Challenge Accepted’ sign in the classroom.

The Drama students of GRG have certainly accepted that challenge and have been the practitioners of quality work through exploration and discovery. Students also gained a wealth of important life skills; quick-thinking, focus, working collaboratively in groups and reflection work. All year groups are able to enjoy live theatre experiences, which has been of enormous benefit for their stagecraft.


Dance is a powerful tool which teaches rhythm and coordination.

It enables students to showcase their talents and develop a sense of self confidence. From the weekly lessons to the numerous performances each year, it is pleasing to see how the Junior and Senior Dance groups work together and learn from each other.