Secondary Curriculum

Our focus on learning at Georges River Grammar is sparked by the skills and abilities that the individual student brings into the classroom and aims to prepare students for the dynamic and challenging world that they will enter post school. Teaching and learning programs must address the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) mandatory curriculum however, it is most important that they also develop the student’s capacity and motivation to learn.

Through our holistic approach we encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning so that they appreciate the importance of learning as a lifetime commitment. Programs also need to focus on the development of leadership skills, problem solving skills, creative thinking, digital literacy and other enterprise skills that will serve the students well in the future of their choosing, whether it be engaging in further study or entering the workforce.

Our academic programs are designed to be complemented by the initiatives in the Student Wellbeing and Cocurricular Programs to best serve students at a time when students are undergoing significant changes in their physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.