Gifted Education

K-12 Gifted Education at Georges River Grammar aims to meet the unique needs of our gifted and talented students in their social, emotional and academic development.

Our Gifted Education program adopts the definition of giftedness and talent described by Françoys Gagné (2010) and uses multiple measures of objective and subjective data in the process of identification. This data is continuously gathered and reviewed to inform appropriate interventions. The identification process is a collaborative effort between classroom teachers, specialist staff and parents.

Georges River Grammar supports the talent development process of our students and offers a variety of subject, grade and cross-faculty enrichment opportunities.

Primary Enrichment classes operate through a withdrawal program to supplement classroom learning. In Years 7 and 8, a full time ability grouping is offered through an Enrichment Class. In addition to these measures, a variety of opportunities are available including Maths Olympiad, Mathematics Cup, Gateway 8, philosophy excursions, cluster grouping, student mentoring, academic competitions and invitations to participate in external advanced courses through Mindquest, Brainways and Learning Labs.

GRG ensures that a rigorous curriculum with diverse opportunities provides the appropriate challenge to enhance the self-efficacy and wellbeing of gifted and talented students.