How to Enrol

Choosing a school is one of the biggest decisions your family will make. At Georges River Grammar, we endeavour to make the enrolment process a seamless transition for you and your children. Our main admission grades are Kindergarten and Year 7 but we will accept applications for other grades, should vacancies exist, based on the following criteria:

  1. Applications for enrolment may be made at any time by the parent/carer(s) of students.
  2. Preference will be given to students enrolling at school for the first time who will be five years of age on or before 28 February of the year in which they enrol.
  3. The School will base any decision about offering a place to a student on:
    Family relationship with the school:
    • sibling of a current or ex-student
    • either of the parents attended the school
    • children of Anglican clergy
    • they hold attitudes, values and priorities that are compatible with the School’s ethos

    The student:
    • the contribution that the student may make to the school, including its co-curricular activities
    • The student’s reports from previous schools or prior to school service e.g. the NSW Department of Education’s Transition to School Statement

    The school:
    • ability to meet the special needs or abilities of the student

    Other considerations:
    • Order of receipt - when the application to enrol is received by the school
  4. The School may/will meet with parent/carer(s) of the student before offering a place.
  5. The School has an absolute discretion in determining the weight of each of the factors it takes into account in determining whether to offer a place for the student.
  6. Continued enrolment at the School is dependent upon the student making satisfactory academic progress, attending consistently, and the student and the parent/carer(s) observing all behavioural codes of conduct and other requirements of the School which are applicable from time to time.

All students attend Christian Studies classes and Chapel Services as Georges River Grammar is a School in the Anglican Tradition. Parental support in these areas is paramount.

Your child’s GRG experience begins here.