Titration Team Wins!


GRG entered 5 teams into the RACI Titration Competition.

There were 20 teams competing at our regional venue, with one of our GRG teams taking first place!

The students in the winning team are Shanna Hafiz, Julian Mondolo and Ben Banh all of year 11.

Noteworthy results were also achieved by Zack Alloggia, Alex Bell and Shanna Hafiz – each had a score of 1, where 0 is the best score possible meaning no errors. Their score means their results were 0.001 off the correct answer, quite remarkable.

Thank you to the Titration Coaches – Michelle Ibrahim (Year 12 Chemistry) and Jason Borg (Year 11 Chemistry) – on their superb job this year.

The winning team (and a few reserves) will now train for the National Titration final at UNSW in September, where they will represent NSW, along with 49 other teams from all over NSW.

Good Luck to our GRG Tritation Team.